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Christmas Pillowcase Poem

This simple pillowcase is more than it seems,
It's filled with wonderful, magical dreams.
Of a time long ago and far, far away
Where a miracle happened that first Christmas Day.

The virgin Mary, on a donkey would ride
To Bethlehem, with husband, Joseph, by her side
No room at the inn was what they were told
So shelter they took in the stable dark and cold.

This was the place of Jesus' birth
In a lowly manger, He came to earth.
Angels sang out with heavenly voices
The Christ Child is born, the world rejoices.

A gift from God, to all mankind
Who would heal the sick, give sight to the blind.
The birth of His Son, the Saviour, the Light;
He changed the world that Christmas night.

With this pillow under your head
Guardian angels will circle your bed
God will bless you and your troubles will cease.
May you sleep in Heavenly peace.
- © Grammy Goose Enterprises